Paintings, cards, and calendars of Maine scenes

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Spring Shadows

I find inspiration in many scenes where I live along the coast of Maine.  I am drawn to interesting compositions, colors, shadows,  and elements of surprise. I especially love to paint buildings as that requires a sense of perspective and places human constructions within the natural environment. Plus, buildings provide geometric shapes to complement nature’s curves.

Painting outside is my love. However, Maine winters require an inside approach so the paints and my hands don’t freeze!

Every painting requires decisions, emotion and restraint. I love painting with watercolors as I find them expressive, accessible, and easily portable, even if they also sometimes require a “do-over” if you have darks where you want lights. Over the years, I have become more confident with how much water to use, what to include or exclude in a composition, how to use my brushes, and when to stop!

My titles usually come to me after I paint as an expression of what I created.

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