The Artist           


                                      Polly Smith

                                  Yarmouth, Maine

 I have painted strictly in watercolor for the past twelve years as I appreciate the challenge of preserving whites, planning compositions, and painting without obsessing.

I paint “en plein air” as much as possible.  I enjoy painting buildings in context and landscapes.  I challenge myself to paint what results in a finished painting that has punch, character, and joy…. and often, some humor in the title or the execution. I want others to stop and appreciate the daily joys and beauty right around us, in a vase of dried flowers, scenes out a kitchen window, or something along the Maine coast. 

I began painting as a teenager using oils.  After raising a family and working full time in the corporate world, I discovered the portability, versatility, and freedom of watercolor.  I could paint at the kitchen counter and then wash away my mess! Sometimes, I use watercolors and gouaches as if they were oils with thick pigment. Maybe someday, I will return to my rootsin oils  For now, I am challenged to make each brush stroke count, apply darks with confidence, and find complements to add zest to each composition.

I am honored to have learned from Dewitt Hardy, Alvaro Castagnet, Marguerite Lawler, Diana Johnson, Mick Watson, and most recently, Russell Whitten.  Not to mention all the artists I paint with on Thursdays and Fridays almost weekly.

I am a member of Maine Made Products.

I have been selected into juried shows as follows: Yarmouth Art Festival (2013-2021), Brunswick Sidewalk Art Show (2015), Portland Art Show (2014 & 2015), South Portland’s “Art in the Park” (2018 & 2019), Freeport’s Art Festival (2016-2019) and Maine College of Art’s Create III & Create IV (2014 & 2015). I was accepted to hang my work at the Augusta Maine General hospital in 2020, and my work has been accepted to be shown at the Yarmouth Public Library, January-February 2022.




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